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Nanowrimo 2005 hopefuls

8th November, 2005. 4:18 am. It needs a title... or maybe it doesn't(megasus)

Okay so....

It's the 8th already I haven't started writing. At this point I would have to write like 2500 words a day. Am I that dedicated? This happens every year. I want so badly to participate in NaNoWriMo but I always get caught off guard. Sometimes I'm not even sure if I feel like a writer anymore.

Anyway, I just wrote this little piece... it is mostly based on a true story, but it's sort of a vague representation of it. I don't like really saying when stuff is based on truth because I feel like it suddenly makes it less interesting to most people. But I'm trying really hard to work toward "creative nonfiction" ... in that, I can retell stories from my perspective in a way that is creative and interesting and makes people wish they had been there! Or feel like they'd been there.... or something.

So enough of the disclaimer... here is what I have written. I want to sort of add to it, but the stuff I have in mind is completely fictional and probably not at all appropriate for this project. So I will just see if this inspires any further ideas/writing... tell me what you think (it does feel completely plotless, i'm aware, but it's more that i am trying to find a writing style and the story isn't really finished -- and this isn't necessarily the beginning, or the end... it is probably in the middle somewhere of some bigger story. We'll see... I'll sleep on it.

Without further adieu...

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21st October, 2005. 10:00 am.(megasus)

I had this idea awhile back to write a "new age hippie" story. Not that I really know anything about being a hippy, let alone a new age one... but it sounded fun to play with.

I've considered developing it more for nano, but then I'm not sure if I really have a good starting point. I wrote one paragraph awhile back, to kind of give it life and give me somewhere to start from. I think I'd have to do a bit of research, and try really hard to not make it too stereotypical or cliche-y.

But anyway, let me know if this sounds like something I could work with -- I wont be offended if you think it sucks, it's only a paragraph. :) But paragraphs can either make or break something. So if this is a crappy idea, I can scrap it. Or I can develop/change it. Thoughts?


A girl steps out of the shower and looks at herself briefly in the mirror. Her legs and her crotch are bare and smooth. She runs her fingers through her wet, curly hair, towels off the droplets from her body and walks naked into her bedroom. Here, she covers herself with a broomstick skirt, a loose t-shirt and a handkerchief wrapped around her hair. She glances in the mirror again and squints with one eye, then the other. She shrugs, pats her cat on the head and heads out the door, slinging a beaded hemp purse over her should. As the jingle of keys leaves the faint linger of tiny bells tolling off beat, a whisper emits from the mist:
“That girl is going to start a revolution.”
And with these words, the girl’s life began anew, unbeknownst to her.

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17th October, 2005. 11:57 am. Introductory post!(smi00p)

I pretend that I'm a writer when all I am is a liar. Writer just sounds classier. Every year I try to do NaNo something comes up, the first time I was going to, my mom got cancer, the second time I moved across the country and this year I should finally be able to do it, if I don't allow other people to keep me from it.

I'm working on an epic tale of good vs. evil. I haven't decided who I'm rooting for yet. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to commit it to paper.

Would it annoy you if from time to time I posted a description of some scene in my story and asked for help? I am terrible at describing places and people. I think everything in books should just happen between two disembodied voices in and empty space.

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17th October, 2005. 4:24 am. First post(megasus)

Welcome! Feel free to post introductory messages... tell us who you are, who you admire, who inspires you, and what you like to write.

My creative writer always told us to 'take risks' .... so what are we waiting for! Get creative!

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