Pirette Cap'n Smee (smi00p) wrote in nnwmabstracts,
Pirette Cap'n Smee

Introductory post!

I pretend that I'm a writer when all I am is a liar. Writer just sounds classier. Every year I try to do NaNo something comes up, the first time I was going to, my mom got cancer, the second time I moved across the country and this year I should finally be able to do it, if I don't allow other people to keep me from it.

I'm working on an epic tale of good vs. evil. I haven't decided who I'm rooting for yet. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to commit it to paper.

Would it annoy you if from time to time I posted a description of some scene in my story and asked for help? I am terrible at describing places and people. I think everything in books should just happen between two disembodied voices in and empty space.
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hahaha. post whatever you want! help, inspiration, encouragement... that's what this is all about. :D