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Nanowrimo 2005 hopefuls

imagine the possibilities

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Abstracts
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This community is a place where we can post clips from our NaNoWriMo writings. Mainly this is being created for people from my f-list, but others are more than welcome to join!

Post abstracts, excerpts, short stories (I have decided that an anthology will count for me, personally as a novel -- others may not agree with this, but for the purposes of this community, a series of short stories is totally acceptable!)

Feel free to post some warm-ups in the coming weeks before we put our noses to the grind-stone and get started on our novel writing!

You do not necessarily have to be doing Nano to participate in this community. Feel free to post stuff that you might submit if you decided to do Nanowrimo. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you? And if it doesn't, and you don't enter this year, there will be no loss. :) I encourage anybody who enjoys writing and has ever considered Nano to join. My goal is to gather a group of inspired minds together to form some sort of collective inspiration. Hah, I know sort of far-fetched, but if we encourage each other, with a little determination and hard work, maybe one of these years we will all get to 50,000 words. ;)

I wont define any rules unless it appears that we need them, in which case there will be community involvement and voting. But I think it should be pretty peaceful. Just remember... we are here to have fun!